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Product Type: Extensions

Price: $1,500 per year

Last updated: 9/21/2021

Language: English

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Server-side integration of FileMaker and Microsoft Exchange

Connect FileMaker to Microsoft Exchange or your 365 account with this server-side plug-in.

Centralize your company’s email correspondence, calendar appointments, and contact list using the Exchange Manipulator SE  (Server Edition) plug-in to pull calendars, mail, and contacts from each user’s Microsoft Exchange account into FileMaker. 
Use the Exchange Manipulator SE plug-in to automate the data import and export process from FileMaker Server and script your integration so that as information is entered into FileMaker, and your users' Exchange mailboxes are updated. This will give your users the ability to access up-to-date FileMaker data on their mobile devices. 
This plug-in excels at handling and connecting to multiple mailboxes, making it an ideal plug-in for large organizations needing near-limitless capacity. Capitalize on FileMaker's platform versatility and flexible deployment options by pushing and pulling information via FileMaker Pro, Go, and WebDirect. 
Key Features 
• Connect to Exchange Contacts, Calendar, Mail, Tasks & Notes 
• Create an archive of all email correspondence in FileMaker 
• Update or create appointments either in Exchange or FileMaker 
• Push or pull to shared or public folders in an Exchange environment 
• Send plain text or HTML formatted emails with multiple attachments from FileMaker 
• Decline, accept and tentatively accept meeting invitations 
• Send meeting cancellations from FileMaker 
This plug-in comes with a free 30-day trial and unlocked demo files (server-side and client-side), integration documentation, and instructional videos.

Exchange Manipulator SE is a Windows only plug-in compatible with FileMaker Server, Windows Server, Microsoft Exchange Server, and Microsoft 365 Hosted Exchange.  

Tips for getting started: 
1. Download the demo file 
2. Watch our free instructional videos 
3. Review the Developer’s Guide and Functions Guide 

The server-side license allows for an unlimited number of connections to an unlimited number of Exchange accounts for a single organization. The purchase includes a free copy of the single user (client-side) plug-in to allow for development and authentication with Exchange Web Services. 

For Mac developers we offer the Exchange Manipulator SE Mac Template for development purposes. Communication of any kind to the Macintosh version of Outlook is not available.

What's New

Miscellaneous updates for security and compatibility.

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