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Last updated: 12/16/2019

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End deployment headaches with this simple app.

Skirt the potentially embarrassing pitfalls that can plague any deployment of a solution.

Developing an app for a client, especially an enterprise system that runs a small company, can be a huge undertaking. It’s not surprising that most of us don’t really think very far past the development stage. The thing we forget is that for many users, this may be the first look they will have at this new software which is about to become a permanent part of their job success. This means, of course, that your fantastically helpful new app is about to make its first impression. Perhaps a lasting impression that will affect all future impressions.

Small things can be big bumps to users who don’t really know any better. A simple thing like a tab order that doesn’t flow, or inappropriate data in a global field, can come off as a big crisis to a confused manager.

This simple list of common deployment errors will help you navigate the messy, potentially embarrassing, and disruptive errors that are common to many deployments.

Added bonus: this little checklist app is a nice tool whenever you have a repeating list that gets re-created every time you start a new project or process.

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